The NJEA(New Jersey Education Association) Review, April 2011, reviewed "A mixture of humor, color, animation, and graphics with lots of help for the math student can be found on this site. Its purpose is to give adult students self-directed and entertaining ways to learn basic math and algebra. Published since 1927, the NJEA Review is the Associationís professional journal.

The 2002 AMATYC INPUT AWARD from the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges to recognize exemplary mathematics programs focusing on innovative rethinking of curriculum and pedagogy using technology in introductory college courses before calculus.

"EOF Champion Award" for 2002 for demonstrating dedication, advocacy, outspoken support and general commitment to the spirit of the NJ EOF Program. The award was created by the EOF Board of Directors of the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to honor non-EOF administrators, faculty and staff who over the years have championed the cause of campus EOF programs. The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund was created by law in 1968 to ensure meaningful access to higher education for those who come from backgrounds of economic and educational disadvantage.

The Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching (1998) -- given in recognition of a continued record of excellence in teaching at Camden County College.

Selected by Camden County College and the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development to be a recipient of the 1999 NISOD Excellence Award signaling outstanding contributions to teaching and learning.

Microsoft's 1997 Innovators in Higher Education Challenge Award -- Winner for being one of the "top 20" technological innovators in higher education in the nation.

Selected as "best in the nation" in the competition for the 1997 National Association of Developmental Education's Professional Development Award for her interactive multimedia algebra tutorial project.

"Professor Freedman's Math Help is a beacon for people who are anxious about their mathematical skills", states Bianca Floyd of the "Chronicle of Higher Education". In their September 11, 1998 issue, Ms. Lloyd sees the site as "a blueprint for overcoming fears and improving academic performance." The Chronicle also listed Professor Freedman's web site in their 1999-2000 Almanac Issue, "a WWW site has made her The Dear Abby of Math".

The Internet Scout Project selected "Professor Freedman's Math Help" for inclusion in the National Science Digital Library Report for Math, Engineering, and Technology. The report is a biweekly current awareness publication that highlights new and newly discovered Internet resources in these areas. They cover only the most useful resources, considering the depth of content, the authority of the source, and how well the information is maintained and presented. (August,2002)
Selected as a "Best Bet" for Educators on the USA Today's Education Web Site(August 2000). Professor Freedman's site "is aimed at giving students a self-directed and entertaining way to learn basic math and algebra. It includes tutorial lessons, math assignments, study skills tips and links to free tutors."

USA TODAY HOT SITE - "Professor Freedman wants to come to the rescue, with a site that not only dishes up study skills tips but advice on how to reduce our universal math anxieties." (Weekend Edition, Jan.29-31, 1999)

The New York Times featured Professor Freedman's site in their technology section. "Math professor's site goes beyond fun and games...offers any number of resources to even the casual math student...informative... serves up hours of indulgent distractions, with a menu of electronic exhaustive list of more than three dozen links to math-related sites that offer invaluable help to students of all ages and abilities." (October 15, 1998)

"Do your homework first!" Professor Freedman implores students from a rolling banner across her virtual classroom which was designed to provide information about basic math and algebra. (October16, 1998)

Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer - Jeff Gabbage writes, "She's developed weapons of math instruction. Ellen Freedman knows the terror that numbers hold for many. In class and on the Web, she subtracts the anxiety." (October 12, 2003)

Featured in New York Press -- Jessica Willis calls Freedman "a crusader against un-fun math...
The anxious, the poetic, the clove smoker, the white-collar worker who should know statistics,
but doesn't: she's out to make them all understand." The website is a "Romper Room for the
math anxious." (1/7/2002)

Inside Evesham Featured in "Inside Evesham" - Jan Apple describes Freedman's site, "The site is divided into two sections: math anxiety/study skills and mathematics/tutorials and homework assignments. Freedman's upbeat and enthusiastic approach to learning is a key to the web site's popularity. Her motivating methods include humor as well as poetry." (October, 2000)

Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer - "Web site battles math fear... The concept of her site is simple: Make the X's and Y's of algebra seem less daunting...The site is a mixture of inspiration and practical tools...Animations, music and videos explain basic algebraic concepts. (October 1, 2000)

Featured in the Courier-Post (New Jersey) -- Freedman sees "the Internet as a logical extension of the classroom." She built a web site to ease the pain of the numerically challenged.(January 27, 2003)

Girls Tech, part of the The Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering, evaluates materials that assist adults in selecting electronic information tools that can help bridge the gap between girls and technology today and tomorrow. They chose "Professor Freedman's Math Help" to review and highly rated the site in their evaluation for sites that encourage & increase young women's interest & participation in the sciences & technology."Professor Ellen Freedman suggests helpful methods for learning basic math and algebra concepts and for overcoming math anxiety. Her friendly, direct narrative style will certainly help apprehensive math students to gain confidence in their abilities." (2001)

KaBoL is a "cool math site of the week" service provided by the Canadian Mathematical Society. (April 20, 1999 - April 26, 1999). "Many animations and sounds will make your visit a real treat!"

Link of the Week (July 31, 2000) -- "A self-directed and entertaining way to learn algebra...visiters will enjoy the Math Teacher's Ten Commandments, the Math Anxiety Self Test, and the Ten Ways to Reduce Math Anxiety. In addition, there is a collection of links to high-quality math resources."

AOL's Academic Assistance Center's Web Page Selection Committee Award for an excellent site that promotes education and contains the highest levels of educational material, wholesome family values and constructive entertainment.
ICONnect recommends as one of the Top 10 Internet Sites for Families.(Nov./Dec 2001)"If you are a college student frustrated in your math courses, this site is worth your time!"
Selected by the library media specialists serving on the AASL(American Association of School Librarians) FamiliesConnect Committee.

Exploratorium, "Cool Site of the Month, August 1999" - The Exploratorium lists Freedman's Math Help as one of their Top Ten Cool Sites, the best in science, art, and education sites on the web. "This site offers just what it describes: helpful ways of approaching and learning basic math and algebra. Professor Freedman also offers strategies for dealing with what she calls math anxiety." The Exploratorium is a unique museum of science, art, and human perception housed within the walls of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts.
Blue Web'n Hot Site of the Week (5/2/01) Rated -Blue Web'n is a searchable database of over 1000 outstanding Internet learning sites. "Basic math skills are explained very clearly in student tutorials, where students show step-by-step how to solve inequalities, equations, algebra word problems and factoring polynomials. Homework assignments are available, as are study and test-taking tips. Professor Freedman's video snippets explain some basic concepts such as addition and subtraction of signed numbers."

Education World is an excellent educator's guide to the Internet. Professor Freedman's Math Help was reviewed(June 2001) and received an "" rating ."This site was created for college students but high school students will benefit from it as well. Tutorials, authored by students for students, and video snippets are available to explain basic algebraic concepts. Professor Freedman offers helpful ways of approaching and learning basic math and algebra skills, strategies for reducing math anxiety, tips for recognizing individual learning styles as well as teaching styles, test taking tips, study skills tips, and more." "Site of the Week" - is committed to providing educators, parents, and students from all over the world, the BEST resources on the Web.(2003)

Class Collections, produced by the South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium, showcases some of the finest teacher and classroom Web sites around. It is part of a Web-based publication providing new ideas about technology's role in education where educators can express their opinions and share experiences, and be "inspired" by other teachers using technology in educational settings. SCR*TEC works with educators in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. (May, 1999)

In recognition of the high level of achievement that "Professor Freedman's Math Help" represents, the site is presented with the WannaLearn Select Site Award. (June,2000). The site includes information about basic math and algebra targeted at the community college adult learner, including tips to recognize your individual learning style and your instructor's teaching style, study skills tips, and ways to reduce math anxiety
MidLink Magazine's Honorary List of Best Web Sites( By Kids 8 -18) - The mission of MidLink Magazine is to highlight exemplary work from the most creative classrooms around the globe. They are a non-profit organization, supported by SAS in School, North Carolina State University, and the University of Central Florida. (August, 2000)
The Canadian FSCT A+ Website Award -- "kidsafe and exhibits that something extra." Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers is where educators can find links to free resources, materials, lesson plans, software (October, 2000) is featured in the April 2001 issue of the "Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web" published by Learning in Motion for educators and students who are interested in integrating the Internet with their schoolwork. "A special emphasis is laid on helping students become better and more successful math learners. An excellent list of links to further math resources, including free tutors, is featured along with the tips, tutorials, quizzes, math movies and games."

"Tech Ten" Award for being selected one of the 10 best technology web sites for middle-school and above students, teachers, and parents, June '98. Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley provides monthly reviews for students, teachers, and parents for the best of the Web. The Tech Museum is an educational resource established to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in exploring and experiencing technologies affecting their lives, and to inspire the young to become innovators in the technologies of the future.

Sites receiving this award are distinguished by their quality of content and serve the interests of discovery, mental enrichment and thoughtful enjoyment and are considered to be "the best" on the Web.
(June, 1998)

Freedman's Math Help was chosen to be on "The Franklin Institute's Mathematics Educational Hotlist." The institute's hot lists are organized lists of resources on the Internet that science educators, as well as science enthusiasts, may find useful. They have screened these resources for their educational appropriateness. To make the list, a resource needs to stimulate creative thinking and learning about science. (The Franklin Institute Science Museum - Phila. Pa.)

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