Proportion Word Problems

1. If 6 pounds of apples cost $9, then how much would 21 pounds of apples cost?

2. If $24 worth of fertilizer covers 5,000 square feet, then how much would it cost to cover 30,000 square feet?

3. If a chain link fence costs $180 for 20 feet installed, how much would it cost to install 300 feet?

4. The scale on a map is 1 inch equals 5 feet. What is the distance between two points on the map that are 8 1/2 inches apart on the map?

5. A $4 sales tax is charged for a $50 purchase. At this rate, what is the sales tax for a $1200 purchase?

6. A store makes a profit of $15,000 for every 300 coats that they sell. If they make a profit of $25,000, how many coats did they sell?


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