Math Fundamentals
Word Problems - Fractions & Decimals

1. Find the perimeter of a rectangle with a length of 7/8 in. and a width of 2/5 in.

2. Find the area of a rectangle with a length of 6 ft. and a width of 2.03 ft.

3. Anthony answered 20 out of 25 questions right on a test. What fractional part did he answer correctly? What fractional part did he answer incorrectly? Reduce answers to lowest terms.

4. A recipe requires 1/4 cup of sugar for each serving. How much sugar is necessary for 6 servings?

5. A piece of land is for sale for $81,000. It measures 2 1/4 acres.What is the price per acre?

6. A painter painter 1/3 of a house on Monday and 1/4 of the house on Tuesday. How much of the hose is left to be painted?

7. Joel made the following deposits to his checking account in October: $50, $705.46, $25.35. His initial balance was $750.50. He made the following two withdrawals in October:$10 and $110.35. What is his ending balance?

8. Abigail went to the market and bought 1/4 pound of cheese selling for $4.00 per pound and 2 1/2 pound of turkey breast selling for $10 per pound . How much did she spend?

9. A store purchaser bought 75 jackets at $18.75 each. What was the cost of the order?

10. An office bought 24 calculators for $150. What was the cost per calculator?

11. Nancy worked 34 hours earning $212.50. How much did she earn per hour?



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